Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to become an writer of library

An user have to reach 2000 Vcoincheck point to be promoted to library moderator.
Yes, completely free. But to participate in project evaluation you need to register an account first!
Step 1: Click “Register” at the top right of the website interface Step 2: Fulfill all of your info into all field. Step 3: Receive an email from admin that contain your account password. Note: a new account have to approved by admin first.
Users can receive VcoinCheck points when participating in evaluating projects, contributing to writing articles, sharing the community.
VcoinCheck points are used in the VcoinCheck 1.0 ecosystem, exchange Vcoincheck points to view advanced reviews or expert reviews. VcoinCheck points cannot be sent/given/to others and cannot be converted to any other coin/token.
VcoinCheck point is a bonus point for users when participating in contributing to Vcoincheck such as: evaluating projects, contributing positive comments, providing accurate project information.
Everyone with an account at can participate in project reviews or contribute useful information related to the project. Sign up for an account here

To help all users can contribute information and evaluate the quality of the project. We try to build a 4-level rating system.

  • Overview: Show the general information of the project such as project name, ecosystem, tokenomic, total supply, etc.
  • Basic review: Evaluate the most important information of a project.
  • Advanced review: advanced review. Evaluate other sides around the issues the project is addressing
  • Expert review: Evaluate the feasibility, applicability and security of the technology solutions that their projects offer.
  • Project evaluation process from A->Z (Link to video clip)

VcoinCheck is a 2-way interactive decentralized website platform, we not only provide information about blockchain projects but also help viewers access a well-organized source of knowledge, reviews from experts with many years of experience in the market, the most trusted by users. Users also contribute to assessments and projects to build communities and exchange knowledge in the spirit of mutual learning. This will create a transparent, decentralized way for evaluating the quality of a project.

At Vcoincheck, the quality of a project will be quantified in terms of scores and will not be fixed. The score will always change based on the performance of a project. This will help investors get the most accurate information and judgment and thereby make the best investment decisions for themselves.

VcoinCheck is a website built with content from the community. Those who want to know if a Blockchain project is good or not can evaluate Blockchain projects for themselves by answering the questions in Vcoincheck. Vcoincheck will let users know if the project is good or not through the user's answers. In addition, the community can see the reviews of knowledgeable people to get objective information about a project.

VcoinCheck is an extremely reliable tool that helps investors reduce risks when making investment decisions, without losing money due to lack of knowledge and experience in project evaluation

VcoinCheck is a project funded by Catalyst Fund, a project with the spirit of contributing good and useful values ​​to the investor community in Vietnam and around the world.

Learn more about us here (link to About us)